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Capillary Fittings

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In Stock: 27140

Capillary Elbow 15mm X 45’

Product SKU CAPE15/45

In Stock: 199960

Capillary Elbow 15mm X 90’

Product SKU CAPE15/90

In Stock: 4719

Capillary Elbow 22mm X 45’

Product SKU CAPE22/45

In Stock: 32759

Capillary Elbow 22mm X 90’

Product SKU CAPE22/90

In Stock: 15984

Capillary Elbow/Red 22x15x90

product SKU CAPER22/15

In Stock: 7210

Capillary End Cap 15mm

Product SKU CAPEC15

In Stock: 9081

Capillary End Cap 22mm

Product SKU CAPEC22

In Stock: 8815

Capillary FI Adaptor 15mm

Product SKU CAPFIA15

In Stock: 8716

Capillary FI Adaptor 22mm

Product SKU CAPFIA22

In Stock: 4493

Capillary FI Tee 22mm

Product SKU CAPFIT22

In Stock: 24725

Capillary MI Adaptor 15mm

Product SKU CAPMIA15

In Stock: 21991

Capillary MI Adaptor 22mm

Product SKU CAPMIA22

In Stock: 159620

Capillary MI Adaptor/R 22 X 15mm

Product SKU CAPMIAR22/15

In Stock: 2123

Capillary Saddle 22mm

Product SKU CAPS20

In Stock: 50942

Capillary Slip Coupler 15mm

Product SKU CAPSLC15

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